Cabbage is one of the species Cabbage of the cabbage family. Has a round shape (head, fork) with tightly wrapped inward leaves. Grow white cabbage practically in all corners of our planet. They are consumed fresh, as well as kvass, fry, stew, cook and cook a lot of tasty and healthy dishes. Sauerkraut and cabbage subjected to a small heat treatment retain many useful properties. For medicinal purposes, fresh and pickled cabbage are used, as well as freshly squeezed cabbage juice and pickled cabbage brine. The composition of white cabbage is rich in substances useful for human health. Cabbage contains fiber, starch, pectins, organic acids, sugars, amino acids, vitamins C, E, K, R, U, group B, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, iodine, iron, cobalt, zinc and other substances, necessary for the normal operation of the body.