Dried melon

Dried melon is sweet, nutritious and fragrant false berry. There are many different varieties of this wonderful product, which may differ not only taste, but also the color, shape, size, new all share one thing – properties that give health, strength and beauty. Dried melon – an elegant and unusual delicacy that will be enjoyed not only for adults but also the younger generation.
Dried melon made exclusively from the best fruits. Farmers apply great effort to cultivate a good melon. Once the seeds have been planted, should wait a few months before it will be possible to collect the fruits ready, of which in the future will be made of dried melon. It is believed that the melon was born in the vast Central Asia. Useful properties are dried melon is the same as that of the fresh, because the process does not lose its nutrients and vitamins. Caloric dried melon allows girls to use it for food and adhering to the diet, and in addition, the melon is an excellent way to rejuvenate your body.