Green mung beans

Mash is a plants in the Fabaceae family . Belonging to the genus Vigna allows you to call the mash “golden beans”. Another name for mash, common in Asian countries, is mung beans.
Beans are oval in shape, green and small in size. To the touch they are smooth. The shell has a glossy sheen.
Cultivated mung beans in ancient times, the Indians: they gave the beans the name “mung” (in Hindi). The territory of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan is the historic motherland of the city. That’s why the product has become traditional in oriental cuisines.
Cultivation of mung bears industrial importance in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines and the entire subtropical belt. His breeding is carried out even in particularly dry areas of Southern Europe and the United States. Harvesting takes place in two stages: in November, and then in June. This process is associated with the slow maturation of beans. Beans contain a large amount of protein, fiber and vitamins. Mash is recommended by nutritionists all without exception. Vegetarians revere mach for the content of protein and iron and are considered a healthy and healthy food that can fully replace meat.