Onion is one of the most popular vegetables in almost all cuisines of the world. Onions have not only excellent taste qualities, but also healing properties that help us to protect ourselves and cure many diseases.
Onion as a food product and a medicinal product is known to people for more than 4 thousand years. Luke was credited with miraculous properties, many of which are confirmed by modern scientific research. There are a lot of varieties of onions – onions, leeks, onion-batun, onion-chives, shallots and others. With such a variety, the composition and benefits of different types of onions differ slightly.

Due to a wide range of useful properties, onion is widely used in recipes of folk medicine and cosmetology. The consumption of onions in culinary amounts will also bring immense benefit to the body. The onion is most useful in fresh form, since a significant part of medicinal properties are lost during heat treatment.