Bulgarian pepper is one of the varieties of sweet Vegetable pepper, belonging to the Nightshade family. In nature in the wild, vegetable pepper is found in the tropical regions of America and is a perennial plant, cultivated peppers are bred on virtually all continents and is one-year old. The fruits of Bulgarian pepper can be red, orange, brown or yellow, of varying size and shape.
The composition of the Bulgarian pepper is rich in vitamins, it contains Vitamins A, E, K, P, C, Group B (B1, B3, B2, B6, B5, B9). According to the content of vitamin C, Bulgarian pepper is not inferior to lemon and black currant, and vitamin A – carrots. In addition, magnesium, iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and other substances beneficial to human health are contained.
Cucumber is an annual plant of the Pumpkin family. The native land of cucumbers are China and India, where they were cultivated more than 2000 years ago and still grow in the wild. Currently, the cucumber is one of the most popular and famous vegetables in the world, grown almost in all corners of the planet. Despite the fact that the cucumber almost completely consists of water, it has a lot of useful properties and, with regular use, it has a beneficial effect on health. Of course, we are talking about fresh cucumbers. Unfortunately, like most food products, cucumbers have some contraindications to eating.