Potatoes are a perennial tuberous plant of the Nightshade family. Potatoes appeared in our country relatively recently – during the time of Peter I, and gradually replaced the Russian cuisine with a trout, radish and turnips. There are many varieties of this plant, the bulk of which is suitable for food, but there are also technical varieties of potatoes. Potatoes intended for consumption in addition to good taste qualities have also useful for human health properties.
Due to its healing properties, potatoes are widely used in folk medicine and cosmetology, for this purpose both cooked potatoes and raw, as well as juices and decoctions from it are used. When you use potatoes not for medicinal purposes, but for culinary purposes, you can also feel all the beneficial effects of this vegetable. To use potatoes to bring health benefits you need to understand that for this you need to cook or bake potatoes, and not fry or cook deep-fried.