Raisins are dried grapes. Dried grapes are made from the large grapes with pit. As the product, raisins has the greatest culinary use in the Near and Middle East, as well as in the Mediterranean.
Raisins – one of the most useful and best-selling types of dried fruits. It retains almost all the useful properties of fresh grapes – 70-80% of vitamins and 100% of microelements.
However, the number of raisins over the past 2500 years has not changed. There were four of them: light, fine raisins, sweet green with pit and white (gray) varieties of grapes. Most often it is called kishmish (culinary name), or sabza (modern trade name); dark, almost black or blue, and more often dark maroon seedless raisins, according to the old culinary terminology – “korinka”, according to modern trade – “bidana”, or “shigan”.
It has two main varieties: very sweet and slightly sweet, dryish consistency; light olive color, medium size, ordinary raisins with a pit: large, fleshy, very sweet, pleasant to taste, with two or three large pits. Get it from grapes of hussain – “lady fingers” or from germian.