Cilantro (coriander) is an annual spicy plant belonging to the Umbilical family. In our country it is customary to call the herb of this plant coriander, and the seeds of coriander. Seeds of cilantro as well as greens are widely used in cooking. It has a sharp spicy flavor and is widely used in cooking.
Dill is the most valuable product for human health. Healing properties have leaves, stems and seeds (fruits). Dill has excellent taste qualities and is one of the most popular herbs on our table.
Parsley is one of the most popular herbs in almost all cuisines of the world. In addition to its palatability, parsley has a mass of useful properties that are not lost even with prolonged heat treatment.
Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant of the Gubotic family distinguished by a refreshing aroma and taste. It is a medicinal product and culinary seasoning. Can be grown both at home and outdoors.
Green onions contain microelements and provitamin A, necessary for the human body, vitamins PP and C. 70g onions completely satisfy the body’s requirements for ascorbic acid. Green onions are useful for beriberi, loss of strength, drowsiness, dizziness, spring fatigue. It has a curative effect against colds and flu — due to the phytoncids contained in it, which have a harmful effect on pathogens.